Things Only Old People Say. Ron Ruhman

2020-ж., 20-сен.
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Things only old people say, we've all heard them, but when we start saying them we realize we're becoming old, at least thats what Ron Ruhman thinks. In this clip from Ron Ruhman's Dry Bar Comedy special Ron breaks down the hilarious things only old people say, and what you realize when you start syaing them yourself. Watch Ron Ruman's full Dry Bar Comedy special only at
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  • Hand basket is an antique purse or lunch box.

    Cathy HughesCathy Hughes22 күн мурун
  • I've used some of these phrases my whole life. Picked up shenanigans from my late grandmother and it was an active part of my vocabulary when I was 12, mainly because I was raised in a household where we weren't allowed to curse unless we were injured or immediately prefaced or followed the curse with the phrase "for lack of a better term." We had 'alternative curse words' for days. Flim-flam-fliggle-floggle-floodle was my favorite because it made all the adults in my family laugh. Like, they knew what I wanted to be saying, but apparently it was hilarious to hear an eight year old censor herself.

    sarah borrinksarah borrink24 күн мурун
  • I have not heard those words used since I was a kid and my parents always talked that way! Wow!

    Bruce BornemanBruce Borneman24 күн мурун
  • What’s a kiniption fit?

    Margaret KingMargaret KingАй мурун
    • @R N where does it come from? X

      Margaret KingMargaret King28 күн мурун
    • conniption fit ≈ tantrum

      R NR N28 күн мурун
  • I'm 28 and occasionally use "irked" 😂

    Caffeinated NationCaffeinated NationАй мурун
  • I'm in my 30s, and "shenanigans" is a regular word used by me and my friends. We're screwed, aren't we? Lol. I actually use most of those terms somewhat often. I blame having old school parents, so my mentality is closer to that of a 60-ye.... Excuse me. Gotta go chase some kids off my lawn. Daggone whippersnappers always causing a ruckus.

    Red TRed TАй мурун
  • “Fair to middling”. A “hoot” means, funny or something to hoot about. A ‘hand basket’ is a small basket you carry in your hand. Great stuff.

    Deborah DuthieDeborah DuthieАй мурун

  • lol i'm 20 and i've been using "Irked" since i was 16.

    KolourfulNecoKolourfulNecoАй мурун
  • Hmmm I'm 33/ south African and I use the word shenanigans 😂

    chin chinnchin chinnАй мурун
  • 👋

    LeoraLovesBrian 4EverLeoraLovesBrian 4EverАй мурун
  • Hes Jim Gaffigan's voice twin!

    K-AK-AАй мурун
  • Southerners are not sure if they are old or not. All of these words are used by old and young folks.

    Bhay CoblentzBhay CoblentzАй мурун
  • Lost me at "fair to midland". It's "middling". It wasn't awful, but I couldn't get the wrongness out of my head.

    Gregg BloomGregg BloomАй мурун
  • Brilliant, Ron, I love it! Keep it coming :-D

    Vivien KittelVivien KittelАй мурун
  • 😄

    Michele HarrisMichele HarrisАй мурун
  • Wow I must be old at heart then because I have been saying shenanigans since I was in my early 20s.

    Adventure Seeking ArtistAdventure Seeking ArtistАй мурун
  • Watching 😍and laughing🤣 out loud from Las 🎲 Vegas 💸 Nevada🎰.

    MrsGreen AppleMrsGreen AppleАй мурун
  • What does "Fair to Midland" even mean? Lol 🤣

    Jay Boogie79Jay Boogie79Ай мурун
    • It’s actually ‘fair to middling’ ie pretty average.

      Cat Life ChannelCat Life ChannelАй мурун
  • This gets released just after "shenanigans" becomes current slang for deceit.

    Sherman CaterSherman CaterАй мурун
  • I've just learned some new vocabulary

    NsimbaNsimbaАй мурун
  • I'm only 28 and have used Shenanigans my whole life, picked it up from my Irish grandma and Scottish grandpa. Being Southern also means I say a lot of those phrases.

    Mechelle CookMechelle CookАй мурун
    • I was thinking that the same thing. My grandfather was southern. We use all kinds of southern words and phrases, people look at me like I'm crazy. 🤩

      traczebabetraczebabeАй мурун
  • Some people think that they should start acting like and old person when they get older. They actively change their voice to sound old, speak like their old relatives did when THEY got old, and even dress like old people.

    D.E.B. BD.E.B. BАй мурун
  • I've always imagined a handbasket is one of those twine baskets that I've seen in movies that people take on picnics, that have those liftable lids on both sides. HANDbasket because you put your hand in there to take stuff out... idk.

    SarcasmSarcasmАй мурун
  • I love the word shenanigans. I use it whenever possible. 😆

    mareirmareirАй мурун
  • I'm 23 and i use "shenanigans" regularly

    MNM KJMNM KJАй мурун
  • This guy is great!

    Chuck and Gail PerryChuck and Gail PerryАй мурун
  • I got yelled at once because I did not bring that thangy (Not thingy) fast enough. Then I got yelled at again when I brought the hammer? "DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A THANGY IS? The problem there were 5 thingies to choose from, 3 different types of screwdrivers, a hammer, and one spanner wrench aka crescent wrench aka thangy.

    SuperEmittSuperEmittАй мурун
  • I say fair to Midland all the time.

    Jean WetherbeeJean WetherbeeАй мурун
    • Well... Stop. It's middling.

      Rusty LeeRusty LeeАй мурун
  • Remember gang, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is..... that little extra 👌 - Dan, MGR, Shenanigan's Bar and Grill

    norcalrallyxnorcalrallyxАй мурун
  • When my father got old and someone asked him how he was doing, he would say "I'm hanging in by a thread" now that I'm 59 and someone asks me how am I doing, I say the same thing. When my boss was 44 years old he would say fair to middlan. I guess when you get that age your old!? I was 34 and had never heard that phrase before.

    Clifford SouchetClifford SouchetАй мурун
  • Years ago, I named my personal transport (pickup truck) "The Handbasket". I had that phrase in mind. . . That was more than a decade ago, so I guess I'm going coffin shopping tomorrow.

    Wilf BentleyWilf BentleyАй мурун
  • How do I know I'm old? I've read the date on my birth certificate.😉

    Julie BakerJulie BakerАй мурун
  • I used to live next door to the Shenanigans. Very annoying, loud family. Also, you absolutely don't want to go to Hell in a handbasket, it sounds very flammable, indeed.

    Robert SchwartzRobert SchwartzАй мурун
  • Me, a 20 yr old......shoot

    Airica StarwallAirica StarwallАй мурун
  • Haha! Good set!

    BarbieBarbieАй мурун
  • hand basket. in the 1800s, brakemen on trains worked on a catwalk on the roof of rail cars. if the train passed under a tree, bridge or other structure while he was up there, or he fell between cars, his remains (after lying in a hot mail car for a week or two in a hand basket) would be dropped off to relatives. (greatgreatsomething was a conductor) may be the origin of "basket case". love ya.

    em1o smurfem1o smurfАй мурун
  • Ahhh, comedy that only simple middle americans could laugh at. The elevator music of comedy. If potatoe salad could be funny, it would be funnier than this garbage.

    M HM HАй мурун
    • You sound like a hoot.

      mareirmareirАй мурун
  • Shenanigans is part of my vocabulary. I don't think of myself as old.

    IrelandVonViciousIrelandVonViciousАй мурун
  • This guy lost all credibility as an older person, by being "fair to midland".

    Derek WalkerDerek WalkerАй мурун
    • Yep! My thought exactly!

      AnnetteAnnetteАй мурун
  • I'm almost 50 and things are starting to hurt too and my words don't make sense either.😂🤣🙃

    MrsGreen AppleMrsGreen AppleАй мурун
  • Good delivery, weak material.

    Boffin GruskyBoffin GruskyАй мурун
  • I'm 26 and I say, "It was a hoot." Ha ha

    Lyric MaloLyric MaloАй мурун
  • I am trying to laugh, but he is always just below the threshold for actually funny.

    GemcitykidGemcitykidАй мурун
    • Gemcitykid Yeah, I didn’t find him very funny. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Abs AtwellAbs AtwellАй мурун
  • Hooot ! Hoooot !! The best there is. Hes a great joker. Thanks. Loved him. Shenanigans!! Super. >>> MAINE USA SEP 2020

    red headed stepchildred headed stepchildАй мурун
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Silky713Silky713Ай мурун
  • When I sat down on toilet and my balls dipped into the water, I was old.

    NoneyaNoneyaАй мурун
  • "Tickle the balls with your tongue and don't neglect the taint.",...Just me?

  • ...lord willing ...

    LevensLevensАй мурун
  • Where’s that “thing-a-ma-bob”, “whatcha-a-ma-call-it”, or “whosie- what-sa”

    Nancy BethNancy BethАй мурун
    • Thingamajig, whatchamacallit and dohickermerbobby. All had the same meaning 'that thing over there that I can't remember the name of.'

      sarah borrinksarah borrink24 күн мурун
    • Doo-hickey

      Mechelle CookMechelle CookАй мурун
    • I'm over 60. Can soooo relate, right?

      Major Old Lady aka, MomMajor Old Lady aka, MomАй мурун
    • Ha, Ha, you forgot the "thingy-ma-jig"!

      R M BLAKER M BLAKEАй мурун
  • Coffin has been ordered!!🤪

    Doug BloxhamDoug BloxhamАй мурун
  • A handbasket is the basket that people's heads would fall into when they were chopped off in medieval times

    born2xlr8 yepborn2xlr8 yepАй мурун
    • Going to hell in a head basket 🤔 I'm gonna have to try that out. Already drives my husband crazy that I say "barely cracked the surface" instead of scratched.

      Mechelle CookMechelle CookАй мурун
    • Wouldn't that be called a "head" versus a hand basket"???? 🤗 Foot, elbow or ankle basket, anyone? 😉

      Major Old Lady aka, MomMajor Old Lady aka, MomАй мурун
    • @Noneya Basket case came from the practice of carrying severely disabled people about in baskets. Pre-wheelchairs.

      kathy dubykathy dubyАй мурун
    • born2xlr8 yep Makes sense for the saying, but shouldn’t that be a head basket. And where did the term basket case come from? Hmm

      NoneyaNoneyaАй мурун
  • Someone asks me how I'm doing and I reply, "I'm able to sit up and take nourishment." My late father used to say that. Now I am too. I'm old.

    The Lonesome FishermanThe Lonesome FishermanАй мурун
    • The Lonesome Fisherman my father is never on time either

      I’m from the futureI’m from the futureАй мурун
    • I sometimes say "Every day is better than the next". Not a single person has understood that sentence. Read it carefully. If they did they'd ask "That bad huh?"

      Random PersonRandom PersonАй мурун
    • @Roland Lytle That's a good one too

      The Lonesome FishermanThe Lonesome FishermanАй мурун
    • I use my grandfather's saying, "I ain't dead yet."

      Roland LytleRoland LytleАй мурун
  • Malarkey!

    K VogelK VogelАй мурун
    • I'm thinking most of the Malarky people have by now kicked the bucket.

      Avery Joycelyn Barakuda BlockAvery Joycelyn Barakuda Block22 күн мурун
    • Sláinte!

      Mechelle CookMechelle CookАй мурун
  • I say almost all of these

    MintakahMintakahАй мурун
  • Although funny, he needs to work on his terminology. The term is Fair to middlin' or middling not Fair to midland.

    Debby McCormackDebby McCormackАй мурун
    • @littleangel309 Steiman. people like you are a drain on society. I posted a comment. It wasn't mean or disrespectful but factual. Then you come onto my comment and make statements about me not getting the intelligent joke and so on. So I respond to you in a direct response to YOUR comments and you don't take any responsibility for your words or actions. You're one of those people who can dish it out but when someone calls you out on it you act hurt. If you were legally blind and using a cane like you say, you would not be able to use your tiny little phone to post comments on KGworld. Why don't you go back and read your comments to me. Better yet, have someone you know read them and tell you how you are the one who started this whole mess? You can have all the "evigence" as you said that you want but yours is "evigence" too. Goodbye.

      Debby McCormackDebby McCormackАй мурун
    • @littleangel309 Steiman. hahahahahahahaha!

      Debby McCormackDebby McCormackАй мурун
    • @Debby McCormack Keep it up.... The more you post the more evigence there is. Keep It up. My inbox is full of Debby Mccormack. The laws are even more strict where you live.

      littleangel309 Steiman.littleangel309 Steiman.Ай мурун
    • @littleangel309 Steiman. hahahahahahahahaha!

      Debby McCormackDebby McCormackАй мурун
    • DEBBY MCCORMICK.. The internet is monitored so that people like you get barred from comment threads that are really for fun type comments.When someone like you goes on and starts calling someone a liar, or telling someone they must have a sad little life,and of the other egregious things you have posted and sent to my phone they get penalized. YOU have gone on and on and keep telling me that Ron Ruhman made a mistake and I said it was not a mistake-it was kept insisting that I explain it to you. I t became apparent that you just wanted to battle with his reputauion...and with mine.But I finally realized there was no getting through to you and told you to drop it...that comedy is supposed to be fun. I have never disrespected you...I was just saying to drop it You on the other hand have become one of those people who get pleasure out of reducing yourself to a child's level. I don't tolerate these games of yours. So I have taken steps to stop it.

      littleangel309 Steiman.littleangel309 Steiman.Ай мурун
  • When you get old, you don’t have the energy to say “shenanigans “.

    Ellen MCEllen MCАй мурун
    • yes,you do.... 1st time I "heard" myself say "shenanigans", I couldn't believe it ! That was my Scottish Great Gran's word.

      Rhiannon VorstagRhiannon VorstagАй мурун
  • I say all these 😞

    monkeybearmaxmonkeybearmaxАй мурун
  • Shenanigans.. I must be old!

    RenRenАй мурун
    • I started saying that when I was 19, my grandma said it all the time

      VerelLupinVerelLupin29 күн мурун
    • William Johnson Haha!

      Abs AtwellAbs AtwellАй мурун
    • Shenanigans is fun to say and they're even more fun to participate in.

      William JohnsonWilliam JohnsonАй мурун
    • William Bilyeu me too.

      Abs AtwellAbs AtwellАй мурун
    • I have used that term since I was 12 years old.

      William BilyeuWilliam BilyeuАй мурун
  • After watching this channel for months I literally just realized these comics aren’t cursing 😩😭😂

    I’m from the futureI’m from the futureАй мурун
    • Thats what makes them funny. Lol

      Scout O.Scout O.24 күн мурун
    • Lol😁😂🤣

      André PinnockAndré Pinnock26 күн мурун
    • I know I love it and love the fact others can appreciate that you don’t have to use profanity to be funny!

      AJAJАй мурун
    • You don't miss it. There are much better words to use. 😁

      traczebabetraczebabeАй мурун
    • @Jay Boogie79 Absolutely! It's not funny, and a cheap way to get laughsL!

      kb lewiskb lewisАй мурун
  • Okay..,.,, I like this guy.

    Rhiannon VorstagRhiannon VorstagАй мурун
    • I see ..,.,..,,

      SarcasmSarcasmАй мурун
  • 3rd

    ivcooler Playerivcooler PlayerАй мурун
  • First 🙂

    D'Arcy SykesD'Arcy SykesАй мурун
  • 1st

    Zachary WissingerZachary WissingerАй мурун