Never Do Magic In An Elevator. Brad Bonar

2020-ж., 5-авг.
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Never do magic in an elevator, unless you're Brad Bonar, then by all means entertain people in the elevator any way you want. Whether it's faking an electrical spark or pretending you're going to light something you're not supposed to, doing magic in an elevator can be highly entertaining.
This Dry Bar Comedy Clip is from Brad Bonar's full comedy special "The Comedy And Magic of Brad Bonar. You Can watch Brad's full comedy special ad free on the Dry Bar Comedy App at
You can also watch Brad Bonar's full Dry Bar Comedy Special with ads right here on KGworld at the link below
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  • 🌟🌟🌟 🌟 - blank expression 🌟🌟 - smiled 🌟🌟🌟 - chuckled 🌟🌟🌟🌟 - laughed 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - in stitches 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠➕ - comic genius

    Twod WozzleTwod Wozzle2 ай мурун
  • He's got Emerson teeth... Emerson nasty lookin' teeth!!

    Luken U. SeeLuken U. See2 ай мурун
  • REally funny!!

    Eric HowryEric Howry2 ай мурун
  • What’s the spark maker called

    Sebastian DelioSebastian Delio2 ай мурун
    • flash cotton or flash guns. Find these things in magic shops.

      Cindy JencksCindy Jencks2 ай мурун
  • What's that device that sparks

    tom mcqeentom mcqeen2 ай мурун
    • flashing flint ring

      Sacbal DemiloSacbal Demilo2 ай мурун
  • 1989 called... wants its sports coat back

    Scott RiderScott Rider2 ай мурун
  • One thousandth like

    d4rk sh4d0wd4rk sh4d0w2 ай мурун
  • Excellent! Very funny man!

    StevenSteven2 ай мурун
  • Sad

    Paul HornPaul Horn2 ай мурун
  • Unfunny.

    E K DaufinE K Daufin2 ай мурун
  • Great show 😆 can't even take his last name seriously

    Just MeJust Me2 ай мурун
    • Oooooh!!!! xD

  • Or...he should never just say only his last name in an elevator.

    Dave GoodwinDave Goodwin2 ай мурун
  • That woman in the elevator has a name, and that name is Karen.

    Madame DefargeMadame Defarge2 ай мурун
    • @kb lewis Idiota.

      ScarriorIIIScarriorIII2 ай мурун
    • No that would be Ivanka. If you want to call a privileged white woman a bad name, call her Ivanka.

      kb lewiskb lewis2 ай мурун
  • Sorry - first time I think to not like a dry bar show, but I didn’t like the dig on the south!

    Debbie HammondDebbie Hammond2 ай мурун
    • @Dachdog I agree! I spent six years in the U.S. Army and the southerners were the first ones to poke fun at themselves for stuff, and they also had the thickest skins. When we were in miserable situations, it was always someone from the south that cheered everyone up with a quip.

    • I have friends from the south. They make fun of themselves a lot worse. We're all learning a foreign language and they say the need to teach us southern and they do. So funny.

      DachdogDachdog2 ай мурун
    • @hopee changee You know the toothbrush was invented in the south... Otherwise it would have been called the teethbrush!

      Kg KingKg King2 ай мурун
    • REAL southerners aren't offended by that tooth gag... mainly because we don't have teeth!

      hopee changeehopee changee2 ай мурун
    • You might want to be very careful about laughing at any other joke that's at someone else's expense then, if the offense outweighs the humor for you. I'd say this was a fairly low-offense joke, and if that's your bar, you're obligated to have a very high standard for humor even when it's not aimed at you.

      Joseph DouglasJoseph Douglas2 ай мурун
  • Lol, very smart man I must say!!

    TracyTracy2 ай мурун
  • Comedy and magic, love it!

    Mark MakerMark Maker2 ай мурун
  • Its always awkward when there's a bonar in the elevator

    Ali MustafaAli Mustafa2 ай мурун
    • I enjoy the ride.

      Cindy JencksCindy Jencks2 ай мурун
  • no views 2 likes 14 comments. Magical

    MoeMoe2 ай мурун
    • More, that's majic! 🙃

      Clifford SouchetClifford Souchet2 ай мурун
  • The der is a fany guy.😂

    Luis CiferLuis Cifer2 ай мурун
  • Hilarious

    Missy BlissMissy Bliss2 ай мурун
  • Just havin fun.

    Shack ManShack Man2 ай мурун
  • funny act , to bad you trying to scam people for a full show

    Greg BettsGreg Betts2 ай мурун
  • my oh my, those are some purdy teeth sonny!

    dumaskhandumaskhan2 ай мурун
  • First time ive seen this comic. Great job mate.

    Uncle NathUncle Nath2 ай мурун
    • Agreed🙂

      Tim 57Tim 572 ай мурун
    • The full set is up on the channel. It's great.

      JustOneAsbestoJustOneAsbesto2 ай мурун
  • Yeah people are uptight about cigarette smoke giving them CANCER. Who even smokes anymore?

    Amazing SupergirlAmazing Supergirl2 ай мурун
    • @Julie lynch His very real point is that smoking is way down and cancer is way up. People always doubt me when I say my grandmother died of lung cancer without any real exposure to cigarettes (my grandparents lived on a farm and didn't smoke). There's this misconception that lung cancer only comes from smoking which is bizarre and makes no sense, I wouldn't have thought people would think that but many people have insisted that she must've had serious exposure to cig smoke despite the reality that she didn't

      Rusty LeeRusty Lee2 ай мурун
    • Unfortunately my two brothers and my sister Smoking is still going. Obama smoked

      Julie lynchJulie lynch2 ай мурун
    • Hardly anyone smokes nowadays... but cancer is through the roof... go figure.

      hopee changeehopee changee2 ай мурун
  • Cool

    Epic YT TerrorEpic YT Terror2 ай мурун
  • Real magic performed here folks

    Jesus FreakJesus Freak2 ай мурун
  • HA HA HA

    Romero JackRomero Jack2 ай мурун
  • Invite Bill Burr

    RzgarRzgar2 ай мурун
    • YEET

      Romero JackRomero Jack2 ай мурун
  • hi

    Zach Playz9Zach Playz92 ай мурун
    • Howdy

      Romero JackRomero Jack2 ай мурун