If You Do This You Should Be Ostracized From Society. Brad Trackman

2020-ж., 19-сен.
39 795 Көрүүлөр

If you do this, you should be ostracized from society, at least thats what Brad Trackman thinks in this clip from his full Dry Bar Comedy special. If you hate man buns and loud subwoofers at stop lights than this clip from Brad Trackman is for you! Watch Brad Trackman's full special "Thanks" only at www.drybarcomedy.com/bradt
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  • Dry bar quality is going down. Bummer.

    Reclaiming MyTimeReclaiming MyTimeАй мурун
  • Men aren't funny.

    M SM SАй мурун
  • He's not comedy club funny, he's just commonly droll. Comedy is often a script of jokes, but he sort of aborts halfway through a sentence and I'm left having to fill in the remainder of the words to guess what he wanted to say. Sometimes that's high context humor, but in this case it's just sloppy speech.

    MrHavadollarMrHavadollarАй мурун
  • Why do Jews always make a point of telling your their religion? It's like the homosexuals always telling us their sexual preferences... I wonder if he goes to a Black city and says almost the same thing: oppressively Black.

    T38 TalonT38 TalonАй мурун
  • I can eat anything and not gain a pound thats messed some of us are too skinny and we dont like it.

    Randy ChipmanRandy ChipmanАй мурун
  • 'This room is oppressively white ... do you even have a basketball team?' Lol Dudes funny! 😂

    SandroidSandroidАй мурун
    • That's really American only joke, I live in a 99,9% whit European country, where baskeball was sort of a national sport, along with ice-hockey, and wich held (perhaps still holds) Guiness record for largest streetball event, despite whole nation being mere 2 million people. Of course NOW we do have blackplayers in our basketball and football (that's "soccer" to you) teams, but still no black guys playing on ice, I wonder why. XD Well, OK, there are some black hockey players in Canada, and even a few in US, but still that's rare.

      TotalRookie_LVTotalRookie_LVАй мурун
  • Should a said "OK, OK, OK." Wow. A Jewish man, one of the chosen people. trying to fit in with everyone else. How weird is that?

    Adventure CapitalistAdventure CapitalistАй мурун
  • 128 Man Bun wearers are mad about this.

    Big Booty JudyBig Booty JudyАй мурун
  • Lame.......................

    Mark GMark GАй мурун
  • Sounds like social credit scoring it’s on the way booooo

  • He had me with slow drivers in the left lane.

    K R AY N EK R AY N EАй мурун
  • Watching this while wearing a man-bun 😄 Bout to yeet myself out of society

    Zane GrayZane GrayАй мурун
  • Every balding mam has a vendetta against the man bun.

    WoodyWoodyАй мурун
  • A man-bun can be very attractive! Because it means he has an artistic side AND a practical side ;-)

    Pat MaurerPat MaurerАй мурун
    • @Ch34pskate 1 Isn't it lucky that we're not all attracted to the same type? ;-)

      Pat MaurerPat MaurerАй мурун
    • Pat Maurer nope. Never was cool and never will be.

      Ch34pskate 1Ch34pskate 1Ай мурун
  • This guy sucked 🙄

    Dillon MDillon MАй мурун
  • 👏😆

    Tom ArchibaldTom ArchibaldАй мурун
  • If anyone knows where I can watch stand up comedy without so much audience laughter please let me know. I love watching standup comedy but the laughter and cheering and clapping ect: from the audience gives me a headache after a while.

    Andrew BailenAndrew BailenАй мурун
    • Life is hard.

      Brian BickleBrian BickleАй мурун
    • Just follow this comedian around and I'm sure one of his shows it will be exactly what you are looking for.

      Funk AddictFunk AddictАй мурун
  • is this his first gig ? :P

    Martin D MetdubbelssMartin D MetdubbelssАй мурун
  • What is this? The Kidzbop version of George Carlin’s People who ought to be killed? Super lame

    Goo________Goo________Ай мурун
    • Word!

      Funk AddictFunk AddictАй мурун
    • I was thinking the exact same thing

      Peter SchexnayderPeter SchexnayderАй мурун
  • Absolute boomer

    Unprofessional ProfessorUnprofessional ProfessorАй мурун
  • meh. maybe why you're playing in Utah.

    em1o smurfem1o smurfАй мурун
    • @littleangel309 Steiman. salt lake, not provo--this may be the reason for all the self-deprecating provo jokes.

      em1o smurfem1o smurfАй мурун
    • He' s playing in Utah because only the BEST get to play in Provo. And HE IS FANTASTIC!!!

      littleangel309 Steiman.littleangel309 Steiman.Ай мурун
  • Duck his good

    47 Hippo47 HippoАй мурун
  • Hey KGworld Family! Anyone else think this guy sorta looks like Kevin James?

    John HoskinsonJohn HoskinsonАй мурун
  • If I had a car I'd bang loud rap music. Instead I play it at max volume on my earphones while riding my Kawasaki Ninja.

    Anonymous PersonaAnonymous PersonaАй мурун
  • I would thank someone for holding the door, even if they were a doorman.

    John PapaJohn PapaАй мурун
    • 'Thank the bus driver' energy 👌

      Laura MihalekLaura MihalekАй мурун
    • @Eye Reign don't tell my horse that. She thinks she is a real person, and would stay in the house if I would let her.

      John PapaJohn PapaАй мурун
    • Unless it's a horse. Because, horses aren't real people.

      Eye ReignEye ReignАй мурун
    • Agreed. Yet a doorman does not receive the same blessing as a gentleman because that person receives some compensation from this world A gentleman does it because he knows in his heart that it is the right thing to do. Give. Then receive. Blessings

      Adventure CapitalistAdventure CapitalistАй мурун
    • As you should 👍

      joejitsu034joejitsu034Ай мурун
  • Well... if EVERYONE did and followed the speed limit law, (like it was meant to be obeyed) then lanes wouldn't be a problem. But since the last minute, or speed freaks want to be rebels, there lies the REAL problem!!!!! Only medical and law enforcement should respond with speed to emergencies involving human life.

    Jay Boogie79Jay Boogie79Ай мурун
    • The lane is for passing people going under the limit. If both lanes have people going under the limit, it is a problem. Get into the left lane and leave the traffic enforcement to the people hired to do so. It's safer for everyone. Obstructing traffic is more dangerous than going a few mph over the limit. It's a LAW for a reason.

      Lisa AndrewsLisa Andrews24 күн мурун
  • Very funny!!

    Eric HowryEric HowryАй мурун
  • As someone who can eat and eat and eat without gaining weight, I will agree to your list as long as those who can eat and actually gain weight get the same rule applied to them. It's cruel!! They get boobies and all those lovely lady curves while I'm out here looking like an ugly twig spending all my money and spare time eating. 😂 Yep NOT fun and NOT lucky🤦🏾‍♀️💔 lol

    Jakeets ChannelJakeets ChannelАй мурун
    • Same though i need some weight too im 5'7.5" 20 and only 115 pounds since middle school

      Randy ChipmanRandy ChipmanАй мурун
  • People shouldn't hold a door open for someone unless the someone is holding stuff with both hands, or is disabled or elderly. Otherwise it is actually an imposition I resent, like I have to speed up to the door, and act grateful which I am not.

    watutmanwatutmanАй мурун
    • @punkinhoot You sound nice.

      watutmanwatutmanАй мурун
    • Polite is polite if I'm entering and someone is close to me I hold the door.

      Miranda BrooksMiranda BrooksАй мурун
  • If you waste four minutes and thirteen seconds of my life spouting moronic diatribe...

    • Super funny intelligent humour. He is soooo right there are smart people... and there are stupid people.😂

      littleangel309 Steiman.littleangel309 Steiman.Ай мурун
    • @littleangel309 Steiman. Thanks for proving my point.

      Unprofessional ProfessorUnprofessional ProfessorАй мурун
    • @Unprofessional Professor YEP...YOU SURE ARE.

      littleangel309 Steiman.littleangel309 Steiman.Ай мурун
    • Pathetic

      Unprofessional ProfessorUnprofessional ProfessorАй мурун
    • Amen, the bald guy thinks man buns should be ostracized what a surprise. The guy who can stick to a diet has a problem with the people who cant gain a pound interesting.

      Damnitjim 7Damnitjim 7Ай мурун
  • This fella is very observant and that *is* funny!

    Kowboy USAKowboy USAАй мурун
  • Left hand lane slow driving should be longer than a one day penalty ! It's more upsetting than a group text

    Rebecca SchmidtRebecca SchmidtАй мурун
    • In most states, the left hand lane is the “passing lane” and should be used for passing vehicles moving slower than the “speed limit”! No one should be excessively speeding while using the right or left hand lanes except for short bursts of acceleration while using the “passing lane”. After passing any vehicles, drivers are to return to the righthand lane observing the “speed limit”, “defensive driving techniques”, and “proper driving behavior”. Any driver who refuses to observe and apply safe driving rules and guidelines should be ticketed to the greatest extent of the law! If drivers who continue to endanger others on our nation’s highways disobeying the laws, codes and proper driving etiquette rules, they should lose their privilege to operate a motor vehicle. As time passes, I have noticed that drivers are becoming more disobedient to the rules of the road by speeding continuously in the passing lanes, rolling through stop lights and stop signs, refusing to signal when turning, refusing to give “right-of-way” or yielding to traffic while entering interstate highways; plus not accelerating to match the speed of the interstate highway traffic speed thus causing accidents or near accidents for entering too slowly! It seems many drivers these days have had no formal classes or training for their “Driver’s License!”

      TD CobbleTD CobbleАй мурун
    • I can't explain the amount of anger I have for slow left sided drivers. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Left side's for speeding!

      DredgeX97DredgeX97Ай мурун
  • meh... mediocre at best

    hopee changeehopee changeeАй мурун
    • You're too kind with that statement. Some people will laugh at anything they throw at their face just because it comes from a place where they usually have good comedians. I usually enjoy Dry Bar Comedy but this guy hasn't reached mediocre level yet.

      Funk AddictFunk AddictАй мурун
    • @Esther B. ... that's not a rank, it's an opinion of quality. In order for there to be a hierarchy he would've had to compare it to something else. Do you have foods you like and dislike? How bigoted of you. You should be indifferent to everything!

      Jeff ScottJeff ScottАй мурун
    • @Esther B. your comment is below average... 3/10 rating

      hopee changeehopee changeeАй мурун
    • You’d enjoy life more if you didn’t rank everything. It’s possible to not see everything as hierarchical.

      Esther B.Esther B.Ай мурун
  • "Good people, bad people, smart people, and stupid people; that's it" Here here!

    Jeffrey DeedsJeffrey DeedsАй мурун
    • Does he realize hes one of the dumb ones or nawh?

      Damnitjim 7Damnitjim 7Ай мурун
    • Ah, the irony.

      siler7siler7Ай мурун
  • You lost me at man bun, I'm tryin to grow it back

    Ronny ShamaRonny ShamaАй мурун
    • Gross

      animagreedanimagreedАй мурун
    • @punkinhoot pretty sure a braid takes far longer than a bun

      Ronny ShamaRonny ShamaАй мурун
    • It's your hair, you can do whatever you want with it. It's a bit crazy to dictate what other people should do with their own hair.

      David von DoomDavid von DoomАй мурун
  • I only hold doors for the elderly.

    צִיוֹן M Ʌ Ɍצִיוֹן M Ʌ ɌАй мурун
  • Introverted man bun wearer here. Not even mad

    Chris LoomisChris LoomisАй мурун
    • No one should have a bun, you look like some took a dump on your head.

      animagreedanimagreedАй мурун
    • @Toquer88 yes they do ! Lol

      Lindalee LawLindalee LawАй мурун
    • @Esther B. I wish someone told me that in college.

      Jake KaiserJake KaiserАй мурун
    • I hear ya. Introverted man here also. Never wore a man bun but rocked a pony tail for a decade. Luckily I went bald so now I don't really have a choice. All long styles look criminal, so it's down to short short Jon Luc Piccard head. Cooler for summer 😜

      Toquer88Toquer88Ай мурун
    • @Esther B. *Tips hat* Many thanks

      Chris LoomisChris LoomisАй мурун
  • Har har

    Tasha ReallyTasha ReallyАй мурун
  • You had me on the man bun.

  • Last time I was this early an umbilical cord was cut

    K CatK CatАй мурун
    • Underrated comment

      Chris LoomisChris LoomisАй мурун
  • Amen

    Yo BrownYo BrownАй мурун
  • Your'e mum didn't dress you.

    roof pizzaroof pizzaАй мурун
    • Your* 😌

      Alexx ColqAlexx ColqАй мурун
  • Oh, my! That group message/chat thing.... I got a text message the other day with 20 people on it, 19 of whom I did not know. It was a family announcement, but nothing to do with my family. The sender had apparently never heard of bcc...

    MariSMariSАй мурун
  • Lmfao I eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and don't gain a pound🤣 sorry if I should be ostracized blame my metabolism

    shelly Kessashelly KessaАй мурун
    • I love that even with 4 likes you have enough dislikes to ostracize your post to the bottom of the comment list. That silent judgement is real. XD

      Angry ApplesauceAngry ApplesauceАй мурун
    • I'm the same way... I eat more than my best friend and he's right around 240 lbs. I'm 160 lbs. A whole pizza (large/extra large)? It won't make it to tomorrow.

      The AdroitlessThe AdroitlessАй мурун
  • That door no thank you I support.

    Royalty FrederickRoyalty FrederickАй мурун
    • Yes!!!

      Tasha ReallyTasha ReallyАй мурун
  • first

    Dominic PersichettiDominic PersichettiАй мурун